The mission is to identify and promote a profile of Barolo characterized by certain elements, based on three key points: tradition, vineyards and family.


Deditus values the work of the families who have lived in and cultivated the Barolo area for generations. Winemakers who, day after day, have helped in its preservation and continuity, writing and rewriting its history, turning it from an exception into a tradition, from being a novelty to becoming a certainty.
Deditus - Langhe


Deditus - Barolo



Deditus honours the centrality of the vineyard in the production of Barolo. The members must have property vineyards which they directly cultivate, all while fully respecting the environment and ensuring agricultural sustainability. Each member strives to promote and enhance the Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive (MGA), or those vineyards officially recognized by the disciplinary which, being vinified in purity, represent the numerous and surprising souls of Barolo within the same denomination.


Deditus believes that the most authentic expression of Barolo can be found in its being «familial», or in that personal relationship that is established between the winemaker and his vineyards. Therefore, the Association only welcomes family-run wineries where this bond is built and nurtured through experiences and interpretations that turn into stories.

Our identity

  • Exclusively family-run wineries
  • Winemakers with a solid wine history, who have lived in and cultivated Barolo vineyards for generations
  • Owners of vineyards that are directly managed and agriculturally sustainable
  • Producers of iconic labels, which are known and found all over the world
  • People who share the same values
  • Lovers, enthusiasts and ambassadors of Langhe wines, culture and traditions in the world

Associazione Deditus
Piazza Falletti 1, 12060 BAROLO
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