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The Deditus Association presents itself

FAMILIES | VINEYARDS | BAROLO: These are the three words that identify and summarizes the identity and values of Deditus.

Deditus is the association that brings together the experience and unconditional devotion to Barolo of the historical families operating in the denomination. At present, they are nine: Azelia, Cordero di Montezemolo, Luciano Sandrone, Michele Chiarlo, Pio Cesare, Poderi Gianni Gagliardo, Poderi Luigi Einaudi, Prunotto and Vietti.

Nine families of winemakers united by the sense of awareness that the identity of being the «King of wines» is fruit of a historical legacy that turned into a tradition. A legacy of small family-run wineries that, from generation to generation, have dedicated their lives to the cultivation of vineyards located in an area recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as the president of the association, Gianni Gagliardo, points out: « Deditus is fruit of the commitment and passion of some of the most well-known producers of Barolo who have dedicated their lives to wine and the promotion of the denomination and its most prestigious MGAs ».

From the Latin word dēdo, which signifies «to give or dedicate oneself» but, sometimes, it may also mean «to sacrifice oneself» for something one firmly believes in or wants to defend. Having found such definition appropriate, the name has been decided to be Deditus, which expresses the unbreakable bond that these families have with their homeland: the work exerted in cultivating it, the patience shown in understanding it, the intuition needed to respect it, the courage required in holding quality as a fundamental value. And the production of iconic labels, known all over the globe and at the top of the denomination.

Deditus honours the centrality of the vineyard in the production of Barolo. The members must have property vineyards which they directly cultivate, all while fully respecting the environment and ensuring agricultural sustainability. Each member strives to promote and enhance the Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive (MGA), or those vineyards officially recognized by the disciplinary which, being vinified in purity, represent the numerous and surprising souls of Barolo within the same denomination.

Each of us works in order to bring the distinctive characteristic of our vineyards into the glass, with respect and devotion, continues Gianni Gagliardo, Deditus is a brand that identifies a certain way of “being” Barolo: tradition, family and property vineyards.

The men and women of Barolo have always cultivated within themselves a sense of redemption, a desire to make great and well-known a wine that is fruit of immeasurable sacrifices and achievements. This common feeling unites the members of Deditus, wineries of international fame that can demonstrate their commitment to the development of the territory by showing a constant enhancement of their wines, obtained through sustainable agricultural practices that are respectful of the land and of the people who cultivate it.

Associazione Deditus
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